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How Do I change The Watch Face Or Create My Own?Updated a year ago

In order to change the watch face or set up a photo as a custom watch face, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open the GloryFit App (AndroidiOS)
  2. Go to “Device”
  3. Go to “Dashboard”
  4. To select a default watch face: select a watch face under “Dial Center”
  5. Tap “Synchronous Dial”
  6. Wait for the watch to finish synchronizing
  7. To select a custom watch face: Go to Custom Dial. Tap on the photo displayed.
  8. Tap on the photo icon under “Background Setting”.
  9. Select either “Camera” or “From the Album”. Select your preferred photo
  10. Adjust how the photo will be displayed on the watch. Tap “Yes”. Tap Sync.
  11. Tap “Synchronous Dial”
  12. Wait for the watch to finish synchronizing
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